Friday, 10 June 2011

World Travel Atlas iPad App

We've just launched a new iPad app at work. Although I didn't get to build it, my team and I did develop the XML feeds powering the information in it.

We really think it's better than the equivalent apps from our competitors, like Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

In the free version (World Travel Atlas - Free) you can find information on countries and cities, including images, language info, communications infrastructure, exchange rate, 7 day weather forecast for cities, history. There's also detail on major airports and lots of events around the world. You also get some of the World Travel Atlas 11for free.

In the premium version (World Travel Atlas - Premium - only £1.79) you get loads more of the atlas pages. Covering topics like security, ski destinations, museums and art galleries of the world, phases of the moon, where and when solar/lunar eclipses will be , plus  all the maps and climate info you'd expect for a top quality atlas.

I thoroughly recommend it, but then I suppose I would :)