Friday, 30 September 2011

Richer Rounds Vouchers > Free headphones, 10% off WiFi Dongles & 10% off Pink Floyd Albums

All vouchers have moved to Vouchers Baby Yeah.
Here are the Richer Sounds Vouchers.

Here's the latest vouchers from Richer Sounds again. As usual you can just click on the image and then print it. Take it to your nearest store to use it.

This time we have Free headphones again (don't forget to see if you can get a free mug and/or keyring as well), 10% off WiFi dongles and 10% off Pink Floyd albums (online voucher code)...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Best Domain Registrars

We have a lot of domains registered for work and we often need to have good control over the zone records. Unfortunately not all registrars make this easy for you. So I thought I'd do a comparison of some of the ones we use or have used to help decide where to keep all of our domains.

In this comparison I've included the following sites:

I've used all of these except UKFast. But where I couldn't test the interface myself I just asked their support team.
Here's the data table:

Friday, 16 September 2011

Evaluating Recruitment Campaigns

Previously I'd posted on the best IT job sites and given some tips for getting the best value for your money. This post is an update to the method used to evaluate which site performed the best. Even though I'm looking at IT job boards here, it could work just as well for any other industry or if your using multiple recruitment agents.

How The Scoring Works
I've tweaked the scoring system slightly since the last post, to make it a bit fairer.
The formula is this:

Richer Sounds Vouchers > Free Headphones Are Back!

All vouchers have moved to Vouchers Baby Yeah.
Here are the Richer Sounds Vouchers.

The free headphones are back. This time I'm actually going to go and get some myself. Especially after the reports on MSE saying lots of people also got a free mug and keyring as well! Last time got to the local store only to find it had been looted.

Richer Sounds are fast becoming one of my preferred places to buy TV/Hi-Fi equipment. They're priced very competitively, although I probably still end up buying from Amazon most of the time. If Richer Sounds would accept Nectar Points it would be a game changer :)
I bought my Humax Foxsat HDR 500G from there a few months back, which I'm very pleased with. Unfortunately I wasn't as pleased with the channels available on Freesat, see the Freesat channel comparison to find out why.

Anyway here's the voucher....

Thursday, 8 September 2011

[SOLVED] Drupal db_query and date formats

Here's small issue I came across and didn't find many answers online. When using Drupal's db_query method to execute some SQL that contains dateformats in it the weekday always comes out as a zero.
for example:

db_query("SELECT DATE_FORMAT(from_unixtime(changed), '%Y-%m-%d') lastmod FROM node LIMIT 10");

This will return dates like 2011-09-0. The month day will always be zero. It will also match %s (seconds), %f (microseconds), and %b (abbreviated month name) Don't worry there's a simple solution.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

How to Create Secure Passwords

As a web developer or any kind of internet professional, you naturally end up with loads and loads of logins. Maybe you use LastPasss, KeePassX or MyPasswordSafe or some other service/program, as long as you don't store them in a password protected word/spreadsheet file, or your browser! You don't do you?
Anyway I recently had to create a new password for a particular online service, one that I want a good secure password for, but starting to use a new secure password can be tricky.
How can I make a password long and include several special characters, upper and lowercase letters and numbers, and still make it memorable?
I had a brain wave that resulted in a really easy to remember password that is 21 characters, has plenty of special charecters, numbers and letters.....