Thursday, 29 September 2011

Best Domain Registrars

We have a lot of domains registered for work and we often need to have good control over the zone records. Unfortunately not all registrars make this easy for you. So I thought I'd do a comparison of some of the ones we use or have used to help decide where to keep all of our domains.

In this comparison I've included the following sites:

I've used all of these except UKFast. But where I couldn't test the interface myself I just asked their support team.
Here's the data table:

Service GoDaddy Daily UKFast 123-reg Easily NetBenefit NetNames Network Solutions
A Records Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CNAME Records Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
MX Records Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
TXT Records Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
SPF Record GUI Y N N ? N Y N N
SRV Records Y Y Y N N N N Y
AAAA Records Y Y N N N N N N
NS Records Y Y Y ? Y N Y Y
Wildcard Sub-domains Y N Y Y Y N N Y
Default/Preffered TTL 1 Hour 24 hours. Not configurable ? 24 hours. Not configurable 1 Hour ? 24 hours. Not configurable 2 Hours
Ease of use Good Good
Ok. Poor Poor Ok Good
Transfer Cost (2 Years) N\A 0
0 8.99
0 N\A
Transfer .com Cost (1 Year) £4.69 4.99
9.99 14.99
New Cost (2 Years) £6.19 5.9
5.98 8.99 25 25 N\A
New .com Cost (1 Year) 6.29 8.89
9.99 14.99 17.5 35 21.87

Sounds like you have to pay for subdomains

The only thing that lets GoDaddy down is that they can't transfer in domains. Other than that their interface is the best, their customer service is great and their prices are good.


Daily has been my second choice for a while now, especially as somewhere to transfer my's to. This interface is more basic than GoDaddy but it lets you do most stuff. Unfortunately I recently found that you can't create wildcard subdomains and this is a real bummer for me. I use these fairly frequently especially for setting up development servers. I will often create subdomains like these:
So that we can test lots of siets from that development server. Or like this:
So that each developer can have their own set of development sites.
I'm now looking for a better alternative to store our's.

I haven't actually these these guys for domain management yet. But I noticed that they do it and thought I'd stick them in here. It's not their core business though so I wouldn't expect them to be amazing.

I've used these guys in the past, but not currently so without registering a domain with them I couldn't test these myself. But their support staff where helpful. At first they look like they're going to be good, but once logged into your account a lot of the pages seem as though they been made by programmers without ever having been touched by a designer. It's like they're got a layer of candy over an ok interface. But downside though is that they want to charge for every subdomain you want to set up!!!!!
That makes them a no go in my book.

Part of the same company as easily NetBenefit as I found out from thier support staff. The interface here is just poor. It think it may have been made in the 90's and never been touched since. more expensive and not as good.

Again just pretty rubbish. Poor interface, no wildcard subdomain, expensive.

Another registrar that doesn't support wildcard subdomains. Their interface is a bit more usable, but you set to 24 hour TTLs and their prices are way high.

Network Solutions
I quite like these guys. The interface isn't bad, the customer service is good (comes with the usual very American "you have a great day now"), unfortunately they are expensive and don't support's at all.


  1. I like GoDaddy. But they're not perfect.
  2. The general standard of control and interface usability is low.
  3. I need to keep looking for some better registrars

Let me know if there are any other registrars you'd recommend or like me to check out or if you think there is any other important info that should be included in the comparison.