Friday, 14 March 2008

If carrier bags are banned what will you pick up your dog's poo with?

Carrier bags are very wasteful, we all know this, and gradually they are in the line of fire more and more. Environmentalists, supermarkets, governments are all coming up with ways to use less and reuse more.
However, we've missed the fact that many carrier bags are already reused by dog owners. The trouble is the bags are then chucked away. Shouldn't dog owners switch to a more environmentally friendly faeces receptacle. Also, it is likely, carrier bags will be done away with and everyone will use a longer lasting sturdier bag to shop. So what will dog owners use to pick up their dog's mess?

What do you think? Dog owner or not their must be some good alternatives out there.
Here are my thoughts:

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Coolest Watches in the world

I thought I'd just share with you, what is in my opinion the home of the coolest watches in the world. My wife bought my wedding gift from Tokyo Flash, which you can see to the right.

The Coolest Thing I own
I think it's easily the coolest thing I own. In fact on the underneath it says 'PIMP'. 

Monday, 3 March 2008

Big Black Cat Sighting in Tealby, Lincoln

Just a few days after being shaken by the Feb 27th earthquake, one Lincolnshire resident is still shaking.
Not from the quake however, but from seeing a large black cat, possible a panther, in his garden, in Tealby near Market Rasen.
Robert Bonnet was letting out his domestic cats when has saw a strange shadow in his garden lights. When he shone a torch at it he could clearly see a large black cat, "bigger than an Alsation".
He immediately called his neighbour, who promptly came to the scene with his shotgun. Unfortunately he missed all the action.

The story is soon to be featured in the Lincolnshire Echo
A large black cat has been sighted before, and animals have gone missing from the locality.
Let's hope next time they are quicker with the shotgun, or at least a camera.