Friday, 14 March 2008

If carrier bags are banned what will you pick up your dog's poo with?

Carrier bags are very wasteful, we all know this, and gradually they are in the line of fire more and more. Environmentalists, supermarkets, governments are all coming up with ways to use less and reuse more.
However, we've missed the fact that many carrier bags are already reused by dog owners. The trouble is the bags are then chucked away. Shouldn't dog owners switch to a more environmentally friendly faeces receptacle. Also, it is likely, carrier bags will be done away with and everyone will use a longer lasting sturdier bag to shop. So what will dog owners use to pick up their dog's mess?

What do you think? Dog owner or not their must be some good alternatives out there.
Here are my thoughts:

  1. Bucket and spade - Great! Reusable. Easy clean. Might want a lid though. Possibly annoying to carry.
  2. Dog nappies - Do these exists? No picking up at all, but probably quite messy at the end. not to mention annoying for the dog.
  3. Paper Bags - Biodegradable. But will need to keep being purchased.
  4. Reusable Plastic Bags - Just keep using the same plastic bag over and over. Sounds like it could get nasty.
  5. Just leave it - Don't bother picking it up.
  6. Portable Poo Hoover - I may have made this up, but none the less it could work.
  7. Special Dog Poo walking areas - Have a dedicated area for dog's to relieve themselves. Cleaned (or not) by the council.
Err, I'm running out of ideas now. What do you think. An potential issue or not?
Give me some suggested solutions.