Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Coolest Watches in the world

I thought I'd just share with you, what is in my opinion the home of the coolest watches in the world. My wife bought my wedding gift from Tokyo Flash, which you can see to the right.

The Coolest Thing I own
I think it's easily the coolest thing I own. In fact on the underneath it says 'PIMP'. 

That's the make not a statement of lifestyle. Tokyo Flash are based in Japan, and have the grooviest watches on the planet. In fact many of the watches come with instruction on ..... wait for it ...... how to tell the time! Not because it's in Japanese, but because the way in which the time is displayed has been reinvented several times over. This watch is fairly normally really, it has numbers and everything. The other one I liked doesn't even have that.

20 Grand? No ¥19,000 + customs
The prices are actually quite reasonable, I paid about £80 (I think its gone up now). Which I though wasn't bad. You'd easily pay that for a normal watch from the UK.

However, remember the kicker from customs. The delivery company will pay the customs fee, then they'll charge you, plus a little extra no doubt. That worked out about £30 extra for me. So £120
all in for a very groovy watch, I was happy. (Because let's face it even if it comes out of my wife's purse now, it'll come out of my wallet later).

They also come in a very nice box with a golden dragon on the front, make everything feel very Japanese and special. :)

Let me know if you find anywhere with watches that even come close.

UPDATE: So I broke this watch :( and year or two later I decided to fix it. Given that I know very little about electronics I contacted tokyoflash.com. They were extremely helpful and showned me some instructions that would likely fix it. 
It seems that I somehow disconnected the battery. So all I had to do was discharge the watch by connecting a battery terminal to a screw using two small screw drivers. Replace the battery (it had run out by now, as the digits were stuck on) and viola! My favourite watch works again.
Thanks tokyoflash, you da man!