Friday, 3 June 2011

Chav Phonetic Alphabet

Charlie, Hotel, Alpha, Victor! Way too hard.
We need one much easier to remember than the normal phonetic alphabet. Turns out it's quite hard to get a good word for each letter.

Still refining the list:
  1. Asda or ASBO or Argos
  2. Bruv or Benidorm or Burberry or Benefits or Bluewater or Blud or Bianca or Bling
  3. Chav or Coppa or Clinic or Cider or Chatham
  4. Drugs
  5. ? Elizabeth Duke
  6. Fags
  7. Greggs
  8. Hoodie
  9. Innit or Iceland
  10. Jordan
  11. Kentucky
  12. Lager
  13. McDonalds or Minga
  14. N-Dubz or Nandos or Nuggets or Nova
  15. ? Oi
  16. Pand (pound) or Prison or Probation or Primark or Poundland or Pot Noodle
  17. ? Quid
  18. Reebok or Ricky
  19. Stella  or Swanley or Stunna or STD or Social worker or Sainsburys or Shoplift or Safe or Sick
  20. Tesco or Tracksuit
  21. Unemployed or Umbro
  22. ? Vomit or Vajazzle
  23. Wellard or  Welfare or White lightning or Westwood
  24. ? X-Men
  25. ? Young Offenders
  26. ? Zipper
See here for help on translating Chav language
This is much harder than I thought, but I'm still totally going to try to use this next time you have to spell something over the phone.
Maybe a should do a Geek phonetic alphabet...hhmmm... Apache .... Bayesian ....