Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Geek Avatars

Geek Avatars
I often find that I'm not that comfortable with having a picture of myself as an avatar. But I would like something that represents me as an individual, and a geeky one at that.

So I've made a set of geeky avatars, simply by adding my glasses to the default avatar.
When I get round to it I'll post on how to make geeky avatars, starting with how I made an SVG of my glasses.

Anyway here they are:

Male Facebook geek avatar  LinkedIn geek avatar Green Twitter geek avatar

Female Facebook geek avatar Male Blogger geek avatar Google Places geek avatar

Google+ Male avatar

I would like to say everyone can have these under Creative Commons. But as I've blatantly nicked them from the respective sites, unless they have are releasing them under CC, it's probably just plain illegal. Anyway, if you want them you know what to do, right-click, Save As.

Any other social networks worth doing?