Thursday, 4 August 2011

Best IT Job Sites

Recruiting IT staff can be difficult, especially if you're trying to avoid extortionate recruitment consultant fees. We've been trying the direct approach for a while now so I thought I'd share some tips and stats on how the some of the IT job sites perform.

There's quite a lot of job sites to choose from, you might want to consider local sites, non-IT specific sites, european sites, global sites, social media, etc, etc. One thing that's garuanteed is that as soon as you raise your head above the parapet, by posting and advert, you'll be bombarded by recruitment consultants. You'll likely also get call from the sales guys at various job sites too. but which to choose.

Here's a couple of tips to help you choose and the table of statistics for a position we are currently advertising.

Buy One Get Many Free
They don't always let you know but some sites will post your advert on other sites to get more responses. This can be very handy. The first time we advertised put used JobServe, LinkedIn, Trinity Mirror (PlanetRecruit, Fish4Jobs, lots more), CWJobs (part of Total Jobs, although I don't think the vacancies are posted there from CWJobs).
However, we needed have wasted all that money. At the very least JobServe and Trinity Mirror are linked.
JobServe/TrinityMirror: I've posted on Jobserve and found my ad on Planet Recruit and fish4Jobs and vice versa. So definitely do pay for both of those. If you get applications from TrinityMirror sites via JobServe the email subject changes from  "JobServe Apply Online GBR [%your job reference%]" to "JobServe Apply Online GBR [%your job reference%]/[%Trinity mirror reference%]". Which is handy as it means you can track where the candidate actually came from.

CWJobs: I've had a advert run on CWJobs before, and had candidates apply from The European Job Mobility Portal. If you follow the links on that site it says to get a ad listed from the UK you need to advertise with the Job Centre. So in theory, CWJobs achieved both. Note, though that you might have to advertise directly with CWJobs to get this. (You can do this for free anyway via Employer Direct Online)

Also there are companies that will submit you to lots of job boards, with normally a handful of big ones and stack of local, foreign or just really small or niche sites. We are using Recruitment Genius for this, with at least some positive results.

I've paid for JobServe and Recruitment Genius only, but I've also posted on, our Corporate site, and I've been doing a little bit of Recruitment Consultant bashing and LinkedIn stalking (more on those another time).

Average Positions
These are the averaged scores from all our campaigns

Website Via Avg Score
Recruitment Genius
Job Serve
Planet Recruit
Job Centre Plus
Trinity Mirror / Plant Recruit / Fish 4 Jobs Jobserve 2
Job Site

Disclaimer: These averages are based upon a small data set.

For more information on how I've calculated the scores see How To Evaluate Your Recruitment Campaign


  1. Recruitment Genius worked well for us. I'll definitely use them again. They came out top due to a good number of effective applications and the successful candidate also came from them.
  2. Posting to yielded no results at all!
  3. No results from Job Site, despite their big marketing budget.

I've update this table and info as the role progresses, and I'll incorporate some data from previous role advertised.

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