Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top 7 Fictional Geeks

Mr Spock - Live long and posper
I like to think of geeks as clever people, people with skills who are a bit too obsessed with their skills to be normal. Perhaps border on their skills taking over their life. Rather than nerds who are just wanna-be geeks. No real skills just obsessed.

With that in mind here's my top fictional TV geeks:

7 - Patrick Jane - The Mentalist

Ok. Maybe I'm stretching geek a little here. But he's definitely obsessed and skilled and cheeky to boot. Also a big fan of drinking tea.
  • Skills: Reading body language and predicting human behaviour accurately enough to appear psychic.
  • Obsession: Knowing everything and being right. Oh, a killing Red John.
6 - Jake Foley - Jake 2.0
In theory Jake should be top of the fictional geek list but he gets laid way too much. Far to much excitement for the non-virtual (read 'real') world.
  • Skills: Super-human strength, hearing, eyesight, speed. Plus the ability to interface wirelessly to electrical devices. Even ones with no wireless interface. Now that's a skill.
  • Obsession: Being a super agent.
5 - Gregory House - House
By far the most arrogant geek on the list. Must be a lot of people who wish House was their real doctor. Well minus the the insults, and you'd have to have something really weird wrong with you and nearly die a couple of times before you get successfully diagnosed.
  • Skills: Knowing everything about every disease, infection and pretty much every hazardous material out there.
  • Obsession: Diagnosing the undiagnosable
4 - Sherlock Holmes - err... Sherlock Holmes
I like Sherlock Holmes generally. He's a great character but I especially like Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's modern version Sherlock. A good contender for top fictional geek, but it's the mad genius over geek aspect.
  • Skills: A master in the art and science of deduction.
  • Obsession: Solving puzzles, and deducing accurate conclusions often with little evidence, and generally being right.
3 - Gil Grissom - C.S.I
Anyone with jars of dead animals in their office, who actually knows what they are and what they died of, definitely qualifies for to be a top geek.
  • Skills: All areas of forensic science, especially bugs.
  • Obsession: Justice through scientific evidence. Bugs and insects.

2 - Charlie Eppes - Numbers
Genius math professor that uses his knowledge to help the FBI solve cases. I really hope that the FBI employ mathematicians in real life. Maybe not for quite the level of predictions in this show but there must be some stuff. No proof of geekiness needed really.

  • Skills: Knowing how to apply pretty much every mathematical formula going to real life situations.
  • Obsession: Trying to solve every problem using math.

1 - Mr Spock - Star Trek
Mr Spock has to be the Number 1 fictional geek of all time. Looks geeky, sounds geeky and is geeky. Anyone that says emotion is illogical and only permits breeding once every seven years has to be number one. I think it's about time I bought a Mr Spock T-shirt and this is a must for my firstborn. When is breeding permitted next.

  • Skills: Finding the most logical solution no matter the situation.
  • Obsession: Everything must be logical.